London is one of the most known travel destinations, attracting millions every single year. There’s the Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, the London Eye, Piccadilly, British Museum, Harrods… well, the “Things to see in London” list is endless! In fact, there are activities to keep you entertained for months. This quick post isn’t about London’s attractions, though.
The question to ask yourself when planning a London trip is how can you see and really experience this magnificent European city.
At Bookings Company, one of the best tips we can give you is to walk! Especially if you’re travelling to Europe, the best way to experience a city (like London) is to wander around the streets, see and talk to people, stay at boutique hotels, get into small cafes and local shops, “feel the vibe” each place has to offer. If you simply take a bus tour around a city, you’re not visiting, you’re just observing…
While in London, the best way to experience this cosmopolitan city is by walking to different neighborhoods, take a beer at the smallest pubs, see the History behind the landmarks, visit the small galleries and get lost in the streets.
Of course you don’t want to be completely lost – otherwise it wouldn’t be a good travel experience! – but you need to feel the environment around you to fully understand London. That’s what Free Tours of London are doing. They take you on different walking tours according to your own interests, showing you the best London has to offer in each neighborhood.
Speaking about different places, another great tip is to use the London subway, “The tube” as they call it! Be aware, though. Over 1.3 billion people travel on the London Underground each year, so it can be quite difficult to navigate through its different lines and platforms, especially during peak times… and forget to ask for directions, people will be too busy to help you out.
Fortunately, you now have a very useful infographic guide to help you navigate the London underground. Not only you need to use common sense, but you also need to know the shortcuts to ride the train like locals do. You can’t live London without riding the tube!

10 travel hacks for using the London Underground as a tourist

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